Vermouths & Cocktails

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We have London's largest selection of Vermouths, including our own homemade varieties which we produce and keg ourselves, serving them on tap on our groundfloor Brewer Street Aperitivo Bar.

Vermouth is a fortified wine flavoured with botanicals such as spices, herbs, fruit, roots and flowers. Using 20 ingredients such as chamomile flowers, strawberry and rhubarb root we produce two completely different styles of our own homemade vermouth right here at our basement copper Vermouth Bar. A citrusy dry white and a bittersweet red.

Our botanicals are cold steeped in a neutral spirit for weeks at a time to extract as much flavour as possible before being blended with a Pinot Grigio and caramel for a week.

As one of the oldest members of the drinks world, legend has it that Vermouth derives its name from the German word for one of its key ingredients; wormwood (wermut). A plant (artemisia absinthium) from the daisy family, with legendary medicinal and bittering properties.

For as long as we humans have been drinking alcohol, we have been infusing fermented drinks with botanicals to improve the flavour and make use of their medicinal properties. The earliest archaeological evidence dating back to 6000BC China.

The modern story of Vermouth begins in the 18th century when the price of exotic spices dropped significantly in Europe with Spain’s discovery of the New World. Budding Vermouth producers in the north of Italy, who already had access to alpine botanicals and the wines of Piemonte were perfectly placed to take advantage of the new and exotic spices coming through the port of Genova.

Born as a commercial product in Torino, with Antonio Carpano’s Antica Formula in 1786, vermouth was immortalised in classic cocktails of the 19th and early 20th century such as the Martini and the Negroni. And over 230 years later it is still celebrated as the king of aperitivi.

Pop in to our Vermouth Bar to try our classic or lesser known labels on the rocks or ask to try them in some of our cocktails which celebrate the wonderful and varied world of Vermouths, or pop in to our ground floor Aperitivo Bar, sip back on our homemade Vermouth on tap and watch the world go by.