What's all this about Vermouth?

Our speciality pre-dinner drink is Vermouth, an aromatised wine, flavoured with botanicals such as spices, fruits, roots and herbs.

One of the oldest, yet lesser known members of the drinks world, it derives its name from the German word for its key ingredient wormwood (wermut), a plant (Artemisia absinthium), from the daisy family with legendary medicinal properties.

Born as a commercial product in northern Italy in the 18th century, immortalised in classic cocktails of the 19th century, it is still to this day celebrated as the king of aperitifs.

Using ingredients such as Gentian, Hyssop, Lemongrass and Angelica we make fresh batches of our Vermouths every week right here at our bar.

Pop in to our Vermouth Bar to try our home-made citrus-dry white Vermouth, our slightly bitter-sweet red Vermouth, classic or lesser known labels on the rocks or ask to try them in some of our signature cocktails.

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